Statement of purpose, or why start a blog again?

This blog is for one purpose, and one purpose alone: accountability.

(Well, that and posting pictures from hiking trips…)

I have 159 (edited: actually 464, because I can’t count) days left of my medical residency, and I’d like to make them count. To that end, I’m working on a list of goals. I’ll post the list here, and as I work through each one, I’ll post the results here too. The goals have to be concrete and well-defined. If they’re not a one-time thing, like if they’re a weekly goal, they have to be something pretty tangible that I can post about to count towards the ultimate goal (for example, being a nicer person wouldn’t count, but volunteering once a month would). I haven’t settled on a number of goals (probably around 50, because I like round numbers), but I do have a clear sense of what #1 is:

1. Complete the NH 4000-footers peakbagging list!

Some of the other ones:

2. Overnight backpacking trip

3. Multiday backpacking trip

4. Learn to use crampons (!!!)

5. Go to MoMA in NYC

6. Read and analyze a journal article a month

7. Spend quality time with at least one friend at least once a month

8. Winter hike in the Whites above treeline

9. Cook once a week

10. Dehydrate something at least once a month

11. Get a primary care doctor and get a (very overdue) physical

12. Travel outside of the US

13. Run a marathon

14. Take my partner to Maine

15. Become a member of both my local NPR stations

That’s a start. I’ll come back to this a little later to give some background.

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