Zealand in winter (hypothetical)

I just finished my PALS recertification using a computer based simulation program. Started at 6:30, got up when I finished to find that it was 10:30. My brain and my rear are both protesting.

My partner and I have cooked up silly hiking names for ourselves. He is Hot Taste Bowl Noodle (HTBN, or H for extra short), after a favorite ramen brand (no English on the package except the name, and multiple flavoring packets), and I am, of course, Runs Strong. “Runs Strong” was the name of H’s car from high school in The Middle of Nowhere, Western US. It was a very much used VW diesel Rabbit, purchased for almost nothing, driven for all that it was worth, and then some. It moved into noble retirement in the family farm’s back yard after one of the dogs gave birth in it and H’s brother spilled (and did not clean up) an entire gallon of milk in it. The resulting stench kept the family away for quite some time.  The name “Runs Strong” came some years later when H’s mother put a classified ad for it in the local paper. If you’ve ever been in rural America, you know the type…”Late model vehicle, lots of miles, runs strong.”

H and I had planned our first real winter hike for last weekend. We were going to hike up to Zealand Falls Hut via Zealand Road and the Zealand Trail, spend the night at the hut, and go back via Mt Hale on the Lend-A-Hand and Hale Brook Trails. Sadly, we were all packed, ready to go, but found the puny 2-3 inches of powder on the roads very slippery–I fishtailed into a sidewalk 5 blocks from H’s house–so we turned around and played in more local snow instead. We are hoping to try again come February.

Must remember to post about how I got into hiking in the first place. It may clarify the obsession for perplexed family and friends.

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