A good weekend, and running recap (#26)

Surprisingly productive evening. I hung around at work later than I needed to, listening to people tell war stories. By the time I got home it was well after 6:30. But somehow I managed to have dinner, go grocery shopping (which included ingredients for tofu lasagna, #9), scrub the 12+ months worth of who-knows-what out of my shower grout, and do some bike maintenance–all before 10:30!

H and I went to NYC this weekend to see our friends Jenny and Abe. I’ve known Jenny now for 10 years (which is astonishing to write down–can you tell time has been passing me by?), ever since she responded to a Craigslist-type ad that I put up looking for housemates. She became the 8th housemate in this dreadful place in the BU student ghetto. Before 3 months had passed, she, H, and I were all desperate to leave, and figuring 3 would be cheaper to find a home for than 1 or 2, we moved out together to a much nicer and more civilized place. Jenny is a big part of why I run. She was a marathon runner long before I met her, and she inspired me to run my first race. We’ve spent countless hours running and talking together–it’s really one of the glues that holds our friendship together.

Anyways. H and I ended up on the local instead of the express bus to NYC, and got an unexpected tour of rinky-dink towns and casinos in CT and greater NY. The ride took an extra 2 hours, but the annoyance was tempered by the fact that we had plenty of snacks and reading material, and by the charming young British couple sitting behind us who’d also gotten on the local by mistake.

When we finally got to NYC, it was a little too late for MoMA–an hour and a half not being long enough to justify the cost of admission. We got decent Vietnamese in midtown, then started walking in search of good coffee (surprisingly hard to find!). Jenny and Abe made their way over from Brooklyn before we ever found coffee, so instead we had red wine and tapas (Socarrat, amazing calamari and fried artichoke hearts), followed by sake and what was more or less Japanese tapas (Naka Naka, super cute). With a lot of walking in between. My calves were sore the next morning, but it didn’t deter me from going on a long run in Central Park with Jenny the next morning. H came along for a little more than half–it is so nice to have his company. The day was gorgeous, sunny, neither hot nor cold. Central Park is more hilly than I realized. We had a spotty brunch at Kitchenette (they were overrun with Columbia students, and I think suffered a little), then made the ritual pilgrimages to Zabar’s and the Fairway. We headed to the AMNH after dropping the spoils of our shopping trip off in the car, picking out the perfect brownstones as we walked over. H and I, as usual, spent all our time in the dinosaur and early mammal halls. They are fabulous places to do a little comparative anatomy. This time I noticed that some creatures had clavicles, and others didn’t…we speculated it was either a preservation artifact (e.g., clavicles are fragile) or something that evolved as postures changed. I started to see them in early mammals <2 million years old, but I have no idea if there’s any real science behind that (paleontologists? thoughts?).

After the bus trip in, the train seemed somehow safer and more predictable (anyone who’s ridden Amtrak on a bad day knows this is not evidence-based). Abe and Jenny dropped us off at Penn station (where I predictably got lost), and we headed north with books, provisions, and memories of a lovely weekend with lovely friends.


Running recap:

I think I’m going to try to do this once a week. I’ve always wanted to keep a running log, but then don’t. Maybe this will work better.

– Sunday 1/22: 14 miles on hard packed snow on bike path. Felt great, H came with on bike.

– Monday, Tuesday: Post long run and clinic days. 0 miles

– Wednesday: I think I skipped this day, why I’m not sure.

– Thursday: 7+ miles (Boulevard via Lloyd, with S. Main loop). Felt eh, legs tired.

– Friday: 7+ miles, same route as Thursday. Felt tired, probably because my bike brakes were stuck and rubbing on my extra-long commute.

– Saturday: In NYC, didn’t run but walked 60+ blocks.

– Sunday: 14 miles in Central Park. Legs tired, Central Park is hilly!

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