Updates to list (past 30!)

1. Complete the NH 4000-footers peakbagging list!

2. Overnight backpacking trip

3. Multiday backpacking trip

4. Learn to use crampons

5. Go to MoMA in NYC

6. Read and analyze a journal article a month

7. Spend quality time with at least one friend at least once a month

8. Winter hike in the Whites above treeline

9. Cook once a week

10. Dehydrate something at least once a month

11. Get a primary care doctor and get a (very overdue) physical

12. Travel outside of the US

13. Run a marathon

14. Take my partner to Maine…and have tea at Jordan Pond House

15. Become a member of both my local NPR stations

16. Read HP Lovecraft

17. Swim once a month at least (starting in March)

18. Watch all of David Attenborough’s nature documentaries

19. See an IMAX movie at the Museum of Science

20. Visit all the wildlife refuges in the state

21. Bike from Boston to Providence

22. Visit the local museum of natural history

23. And the Mutter in Philadelphia

24. Re-read The Emperor of Maladies

25. Bike the length of RI on bike paths

26. Run at least 4 days a week (3 on bad months) with at least 2 long runs a month (this overlaps with #13)

27. Go raw vegan for a week

28. Donate platelets

29. Go paleo for a week

30. Find a place with a sauna and use it

31. Volunteer at the free clinic

32.Volunteer at a local soup kitchen


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