Hiatus, and NH4k #13-15

February was a busy month. I basically did nothing but work (except for that one weekend where I hiked). And I got gastroenteritis, which was neither planned nor welcome.

March is shaping up a little better, so I hope to get back into the swing of things. Had a great hiking weekend, with aspirations of bagging 4 4000-footers, but sleep won out and so got 3 instead. Oh well–just means I have an excuse to hike again! I will post the trip reports (and finally finish the one for Cannon and Hale) soon, although I may have to write a grant first (!). In the meantime, here’s something nice to look at:

I think it’s Eisenhower (as seen from Mt Avalon), but am willing to be corrected.

Running recap:

  • I have been sucking at this. Didn’t run AT ALL last month, which is unusual for me.
  • Wed: 6+ miles (loop by the river, India Pt Park, and South Main)
  • Thurs: 5+ miles (I can’t actually remember where I ran)
  • Fri: had aspirations, but didn’t run because I was trying to get to Boston
  • Sat/Sun: hiked instead!
  • Mon (today): long clinic day, didn’t run but if I ever go to bed I might be able to tomorrow!
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