We spent the weekend in DC with some dear friends. It always astonishes and delights me how  a friendship can be picked up very nearly as it was left, even if that was 2 years before…I am a terrible long distance friend, and that bad trait is exacerbated by residency. Long distance starts to become “you do not live in my house.” I don’t call people, I email sporadically, I kind of suck. But I am so grateful to have friends who forgive these faults and don’t hold them against me.

We have vacation next week, and are planning on hiking for most of it. (Location TBD by weather, etc.) I am dehydrating things like crazy. Celery, leeks/green onions/garlic, tomato chunks, green beans, 2 kinds of rice, peppers, mushrooms, spinach…and right now I have a jar of spaghetti sauce in the oven (minus the jar), and hummus, salsa, and refried beans in the dehydrator. Hopefully we will eat well next week. I need to come up with better things to eat on the trail. Pictures later if I can motivate myself.

I also realize that I am overdue for a running update. I know and am disappointed by my weekly running tally, but will focus on the most recent week and long runs:

– 3 weeks ago: ran 3 days total, long run was 13 miles + 1 extra to ice cream

– 2 weeks ago: ran 3 days total, long run was 16 miles (sort of inadvertently)

– Last week: ran 3 days total (are you noticing a theme here?). Monday was bushed. Tuesday in clinic forever. Wednesday saw my sister. Thursday ran 8 miles. Friday was long run day, 15 miles (felt pretty good, then got on the plane and felt less good). Saturday I socialized. Sunday ran 10 miles in a very beautiful and very long system of trails hidden in otherwise yucky suburban northern VA.

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