Oh yes

I ran 20 miles on Saturday kind of by accident. It felt pretty darn good. On Sunday I saw the lovely ladies of CT, plus Alyssa’s lovely husband and children (who did remarkably well under adverse conditions). It was a short visit, but satisfying, and reminded me of just how much these 3 extraordinary women did to keep me sane during med school. To cap off the weekend, H and I went to Parker Woodland in Coventry, our favorite Audubon refuge in the state, and finally did both loops. This refuge has 7 miles of trails, much of which are rocky, rooty, and feel much more remote than they are. The weather was gorgeous and clear to  start–but about halfway out the sky turned dark and started to downpour on us. It felt just like hiking in NH!

And now I should go study for those pesky USMLE step 3 exams I have to take next week and keep trying to forget about. Oops.

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