Haikingudesu ka? Īe, watashi wa ima, haikingu shite inai.

I fully intend to finish the prior post…just not tonight.

The long absence of any new content on this blog reflects the state of the rest of my life. Without getting into too much detail, it’s been busy. At the end of July, shortly after returning from the hiking extravaganza, I moved (still in the same state, just south a few towns). I’m now living with my sister in a beautiful little town on Narragansett Bay. She and I haven’t lived together since before I went to college, but it turns out it’s great fun. Among other things, she’s trying to teach herself Japanese, and trying to teach me too in the process. The title is a tribute to that effort, and translates to “Are you hiking? No, I’m not hiking right now.” At least, that’s according to Google Translate.
In addition to moving, I’m in the midst of my one sustained rough stretch for this year. I wrapped up my last ICU month ever a week ago, and now I’m on nights for another 3 weeks. I wrap up the stretch with a month in what residency program directors like to proclaim is the busiest ED in southern New England.  Throughout this, I’ll be traveling near and far to interview for fellowship programs.

I’m not at all unhappy with where things are at right now, but it doesn’t leave a lot of free time for hiking or blogging. When I can, I’ll be exploring locally and will let you know what I find.
Until then.

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