It’s been a long time, with many changes in the interim. I’ll come to those in time.

I’m going to conduct an experiment in writing more regularly, hopefully daily.

This is my first Christmas that I’ve spent apart from my family ever. No small feat, considering that I turned 35 last week. I saw them all tonight thanks to the wonders of technology, and that was comforting. The Christmas season, for all its commercial glitz and hype, has always been a precious time to me. Having my birthday the week before only made it feel more like one long holiday. Christmas for me is candles in dark churches, incense pungent with myrrh, carols (the old ones; I like some of the new songs well enough, but they aren’t the same), the scent of pine, coffee and Jack Daniels, gingerbread men with red hot and currant buttons, chorale music, and family. And always Christmas eve. Christmas Day is fine, but the sense  of anticipation is what makes the holiday what it is.

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One Response to Return

  1. Cumulus says:

    I hope everything is OK.

    I’m very curious about this blog. It’s been over two years now since the last post, but obviously the account is active, since continues to serve it up. I wonder whether you’ve abandoned peakbagging, or simply don’t blog about it anymore. And in either of those cases, I wonder about which of the many possible subcases it could be.

    I don’t know if you’ll even see this comment, but if you do know that it’s still on at least one person’s list of blogs they check for updates.

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